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How innovative learning spaces can make schools incomparably unique

The brilliant future of our kids is written at schools, where each kid is uniquely considered, respected, supported, challenged, and fascinated about everything critical for their growth. Especially the school environment plays the pivotal role—from classrooms, school walls, floors, roofs, play areas, to waiting areas and outdoors. Each part of the school environment can create crucial learning experiences for kids and shape their minds profoundly. Though it comes with a challenge: each space is highly tailor-made for specific learning needs of the kids.

Why Create Innovative School Environments?

However, when it comes to the dedicated spaces for schools, we’ve limitations: unfortunately, they’re not spacious enough for kids to run around. So, within the limited space, most schools tend to fit them with traditional teaching and play material. This makes hard for kids to develop Gross Motor Skills that involve the large movements of muscles such as running, climbing a tree, packing away toys, sitting upright on a desk etc.

Besides, most schools paint their walls beautifully with eye-pleasing colours and characters, decorate with educational posters, charts, art, and so much more. They’re intelligently designed and executed, however, the question is: can we make a better use of them which make our school stand out from the crowd?

Opportunities for innovation in designing school environments go beyond our imagination.

For example, we at Verdant Vista, have been developing innovative school environment designs which can help students nurture their cognitive and reasoning abilities, develop gross/fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and critical thinking, argumentative and problem-solving skills.

Recently, we’ve executed one of such projects and many are on the way. You can have a glimpse of it in the below picture.

Let’s Take The Step

Like many inspiring educators who have already making a difference, let’s build the only best for our kids. Let’s start with reshaping our learning environment. Get in touch with us now at or call at (+91) 8618152167.

We, at Verdant Vista, envision to make schools become their truest best at what they do, by blending innovative design with scientific thinking. Let’s together build a better future for our kids and make the world a better place for all.

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