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‘Dear future, I am now READY!’: Classroom. 5 must-haves while designing a futuristic classroom.

A classroom is a diverse learning platform where students engage and interact to learn new skills. Good classroom designs help learners foster overall development while learning. A good learning environment does not pass on the traditional or limited connotation of a room full of desks and a chalkboard instead the main focus is on striking a balance between over stimulated and lack of stimulation.

To help you in your venture in seeking a well-designed classroom, mentioned below are some elements schools should consider while designing classroom spaces for students.

Sustainability goes beyond teaching children the importance of saving the environment. Schools should help learners inculcate the habit of being energy efficient, practice reuse and recycling. Being eco- friendly becomes a part and parcel of learners’ lives that use sustainable classrooms. The process and materials used for construction should be environmentally friendly. Instead of using plastics, schools can use recyclable materials to create a green environment. Schools with green designs not only help classrooms in saving resources but also benefit the learners.

Schools consist of different spaces that are meant to meet an array of unique learning needs. Flexibility teaches creative ideas for solving problems and to meet the unexpected. Spaces have always been a concern for schools in congested cities and using multi-purpose classrooms with movable walls can be the solution for it. The moveable walls are proven to positively influence student learning and encourage creative problem-solving ability. Coming up with flexible designs will definitely benefit and aspire learners in their creativity.

Schools should be extra cautious in keeping hazardous materials out of the reach of learners. Electrical cords and connections must be inaccessible by the learners. Avoid using sharp edged furniture while designing a classroom and the fictions should not be hard on floors. Floors should be made of anti-slippery and cushioned materials while designing classrooms for pre-schools. Decorations should be hung properly and carefully so that it does not block any fire exits or signs. Classrooms should always have emergency exits.

Imagine the interior of a classroom, a plain wall without a window- very suffocating, isn’t it? The abundance of daylight and openness has a major role to play in schools that concentrate on increasing student’s performance. Rather than having some artificial lights, rays of the sun, rich in Vitamin D have an effect on the learner’s metabolism by making them energetic and fresh. Since Sunlight has a direct influence on the learners. While designing a classroom paving a path for natural light in classrooms is important. Different patterns and learning shapes can be designed in the walls for ventilation so that the learners can learn through patterns, a path of light and shadows; this will be an additional factor to amplify learning. Optimum conditions like good ventilation, well -lit, spacious, optimal temperature, etc., Should be achieved to make a classroom favorable for learning.

Colors have a crucial role in designing because each color will play a different role in the learner’s mind. Each color will affect the learner’s mentality in different aspects. Colors have a subtle influence on the learner’s brains. For example, the color blue will bring out the creativity and curiosity from learners and the color green will make the learners calm and relaxed. Instead of painting the total class white, it is better to paint the classroom spaces while keeping the school’s vision in mind.

Schools with good architecture empower tomorrow within the four walls of today. Innovative designs turn dreams to chances and inspire people to do better. Choosing the right design consultancy firm should be done wisely because design firms deal directly with the future generations and we at Verdant Vista will always design the classrooms keeping the learners’ future in mind.

Designing the classroom is the most critical part and setting down the educational vision should be prioritized. Understanding the school’s vision and its strength is crucial to design. Leave the rest to the architects specialized in child spaces, Verdant Vista. We invite you to drop a mail at or give us a call at +91 8618152167 or 080-22255599. Stay tuned for more updates, follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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