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4 Must have Play School Interior Design Ideas

School Design ideas, play school ideas

We have got you 4+1 design ideas that every modern learning space in India must have. These designs emphasize on fostering learning as well as engaging and entertaining to children.

1. Multi-Usable Space

Who hasn’t worried about space-saving while building or renovating a school? It is a challenge an architect cannot avoid but also an opportunity he/she cannot resist. Taking out the furniture to make space for playing cannot be considered as multi-usable space. A multi-usable space must be so efficiently designed that the primary and secondary functions of the space must be accessible to the user effortlessly. Below is an example of a school play area with an in-built splash fountain.

School Design, School design ideas, play area ideas, splash fountain,
A Verdant Vista's Multi-Usable Space Design for Podar Jumbo Kids, Sarjapur

2. Kid-Friendly Spaces

We, adults, are obsessed with customizing and personalizing our personal and office spaces but we sometimes forget to do it for kids. Anyone who has seen a kid use bathroom knows how hard it can be as a kid in an adult-size world. Especially preschools and playschools neglecting child-friendly design is not forgivable anymore. With the advent of the architects specialized in the school designs, the safe and comfortable bathrooms of kids’ size are coming up now.

Kids bathroom design, kids bathroom ideas, playschool bathroom
The kid size bathroom designed by Verdant Vista for Sharada Vidyalaya, Bengaluru.

3.Multi Functional Storage Design

Every kid is different so is their interests and way of expressing their wants. One likes to scribble or doodle while another one likes toys, maybe both of them do not like books. Then, there is this challenge of getting all of them to organize. Our answer to you is the below design, that not only takes all of these considerations but is also inviting, even to shy kids.

School interior design, playschool storage ideas, school design ideas
A Verdant Vista's Design of Multi Functional Wall

4. Sensory Play

By stimulating your child’s senses, these activities help kids develop creatively, socially and emotionally, cognitively, linguistically and physically. Having a sensory pathway and sensory panels on the walls along with sandpit and garden orchestra would do an incredible job in developing kids’ fine motor skills.

Sensory play, sensory play ideas, play ideas for kids
An elegant design of Sensory Play for Kayaka Institutes, Gulbarga by Verdant Vista

Bonus: Adventure Play

The playground can be more than a recreational space. Why let go of the only opportunity to engage them with nature? Have a play space that increases the kids’ sense of wonder, satisfies their hunger to explore while they play the balancing activities, free play, jumping and hopping, climbing walls and many more. On top of these, they will get vitamin D naturally due to the exposure to the sun!

Adventure Play ideas, play space ideas, balancing play design, free play ideas
Adventure Play Design by Verdant Vista for Riverstone International, Hennur, Bengaluru

Which design element other than these you think is a must for a playschool? Just comment it below or on our Facebook page!

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